VirtualFolders iOS App and the VirtualFolders App can be used independently or as integrated modules.

"Virtual Folders" App serves as a tool to organize website Links/URLs and offline PDF files.

Optionally, you can register for a free account


and use the database as a centralized repository for bookmarks.
You get upto 5 MB free data storage and it will let you save upto 2000 bookmarks

(assuming you have an average of 5 bookmarks per topic and ~ 400 topics).

Steps to Get Started :

  • Get the

    VirtualFolders iOS App

  • Create Subjects and associate related URLs or PDF Documents in the iOS App directly

  • If you'd like to use the Cloud database, register

    here for a free database

  •          After you have registered with, install

    this package

    to get the VirturalFolders Salesforce App

  •          Use

    VirtualFolders Chrome Extension

    or to easily add bookmarks to VirturalFolders database ( cloud database )

  •          Configure the iOS App to use Salesforce Integration [ settings parameter of VirtualFolders iOS App ]

  •          Import data from to VirtualFolders iOS App

  • You can now browse the Urls from VirtualFolders iOS App or access the Urls from within the VirtualFolders App

Additional Information:
  • Information is stored in an offline database as Subjects and related Documents (it can be URLs or offline PDF documents).

  • Data can be shared between users of this App using Export and Import feature (useful if you want to share specific topics with someone).

  • Data can be exported as json/html files.

  • Data can be imported if available in json format as shown in example below.

  • Data can be imported from - please install

    this package

    for integration -

  • JSON Format (save this into a .txt file, email it to yourself and Open in VirtualFoders App on your iPad) :

  • Salesforce Data Model :

  • VirtualFolders Browser Extension (Accelerator) for IE


  • VirtualFolders Extension for Chrome

  • App Diagram :

Example usecases:
  • Keep track of a list of Interested Real Estate properties if you are in the market to buy or sell a property

  • PDF files can be added for offline browsing / e-Sign with PDF Reader

  • Improve appeal of your Résumé by splitting it into multiple PDF files based on key sections like Summary, Key Projects, Vision, Profile link etc.,

  • Create a Subject of interest and compile all relevant links as related items

  • Mortgage brokers can prepare a list of links and email to subscribers who can add the links to this App


Please submit your questions / comments with Subject : "Virtual Folders App Support" to Virtual Folders App Support

Will get back to you ASAP.